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Get the ‘Do Not Knock’ sticker

When displayed in a prominent location it sends a clear message to salespeople – ‘you’re not welcome at this address.’

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Don’t contact me at home

Learn about your consumer rights, how the sticker works to keep salespeople away, or what to do about unwanted phone calls.

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Real stories …

What people are telling us about the highs and lows of dealing with salespeople ... and a chance for you to tell your story.

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Make a complaint

Find out how to complain about salespeople who pester you, don't respect a Do Not Knock sticker, or trick you into signing a contract.

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Private Colleges getting a knock for D2D sales

Consumers across Australia, particularly in regional and low-income communities, have seen a surge in door-to-door sales offering vocational training courses from private colleges. If you have been targeted we want to hear from you. Spruikers (often from the same companies that were engaged in Energy D2D sales) have been known to enrol students in courses [...]


New statistics show fall in door-to-door marketing complaints

This week the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria (EWOV) released new quarterly statistics that show a massive drop off in complaints about energy marketing and transfers. During October to December 2013, EWOV experienced a whopping 41% decrease in door-to-door marketing cases relative to the July to September 2013 quarter – a decrease of 158 cases. [...]


Court imposes penalties for ignoring ‘do not knock’ sign

The Federal Court has ordered by consent that AGL South Australia Pty Ltd (AGL SA) and its marketing company, CPM Australia Pty Ltd (CPM), pay a total of $60,000 in penalties for failing to leave a consumer’s premises despite the presence of a ‘Do Not Knock’ sign on the consumer’s front door. The proceedings related [...]


Charities, religious callers, market researchers and the Do Not Knock sticker

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked is whether the Do Not Knock sticker applies to charities, religious visitors, and market researcher agencies. The Do Not Knock sicker applies to salespeople engaged in door-to-door selling. This is called an ‘unsolicited consumer agreement’ under the Australian Consumer Law, and it includes: when a seller, or [...]